Out For a Swim

May 5, 2017

Here’s that bull moose I took crossing at almost that exact same spot. I know, cause I know that place like the back of my hand. It’s right by where the gunflint paved highway 12 comes very near Iron Lake, and as you drive by you can see the lake… especially when there are no leaves on the trees. Ands its right by a big white rock on the shore, they crossed probably no further than 100 feet from each other. So maybe the mama was starting to cross and aborted the whole idea, the last minute, and veered back to shore…  This bull moose did kind of the same thing, started swimming right towards me. Then veered off and swam across the lake.   Maybe it’s a natural instinct for them to sort of swim towards whatever they see, first! And they both saw Me!  Sure startled me!! I was ready to start back paddling! 

Bull Moose Out For Swim

This photo was taken by and is the property of Scott Howe, used with permission.

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Moose with her calf

Moose with her calf

Here is a still from those two that came out and "Jumped" in the water right in front of me in my kayak the other day up on Iron Lake (actually, "Little Iron Lake" here). A cute picture of mama encircling little calf for protection!  This was from a group of...

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