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Moose Sightings

Moose Sightings

Come to see the Moose

Experience the thrill of spotting majestic moose on your Poplar Lake vacation!

Imagine being surrounded by breathtaking nature as you embark on a journey to witness these magnificent creatures up close. Your Poplar Lake vacation offers you the ultimate opportunity to encounter moose in their natural habitat.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure! Picture yourself silently gliding through tranquil waters, with anticipation building as you keep an eye out for a glimpse of a moose grazing on the shores. Feel the rush of excitement as you spot these iconic animals, their antlers standing tall against the picturesque backdrop of Poplar Lake.

Come to NorWester Lodge on vacation and embark on an incredible journey where every moment is filled with wonder and awe. Whether you’re an avid wildlife enthusiast or simply seeking a unique getaway, our moose sightings on Poplar Lake will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

Moose Family on Poplar Lake

Moose Sightings on Poplar Lake

Choose The Accommodation That Best Fits Your Needs

We truly have someplace for everyone. NorWester Lodge offers our luxury townhouses which will sleep large groups. Our cottages provide a more intimate private accommodation close to nature. Our RV and tent sites are a more affordable for the more do it your self options. Then, for those truly rugged, our bunk house just gives you a clean bed for the night.

You might meet some of the most interesting people at NorWester Lodge, friendships that can last a lifetime.



Fiber Optic WiFi
Our super fast WiFi service is available. It’s only within range from the Lodge.
Free Parking
All of our cottages and townhouses come with parking and guest parking is available.
Bedroom Comforts
We offer quality mattresses and extra linen is available with every rental.
Coffee Maker
Each cottage and townhouses comes with fully equipped kitchen including coffee maker.
Long Main Dock
You can park your boat or you can rent one of ours. We have pontoon available.
We have the only sandy beach on Poplar Lake. There is also swim raft short distance from main dock.
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