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Gunflint Trail Adventures

Looking for an unforgettable outdoor adventure? Look no further than the Gunflint Trail in Northern Minnesota! Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of nature as you embark on thrilling outdoor adventures.

Imagine canoeing through crystal-clear lakes, surrounded by towering pine trees and breathtaking landscapes. Picture yourself hiking along scenic trails, discovering hidden waterfalls, and encountering wildlife in their natural habitat. Get your adrenaline pumping with exhilarating mountain biking trails or go fishing in pristine waters teeming with trout and walleye.

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and indulge in a rejuvenating getaway. Experience the serenity of the Gunflint Trail, where peace and tranquility abound.

Unwind in our cozy cabins nestled deep within the woods, offering rustic charm and modern comforts. Relax by a crackling fire, listening to the sounds of nature or stargaze under a clear night sky.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to create lasting memories.

Winter Adventure

There is no place more spectactular to be than Northern Minnesota in the winter. Come experience the calm refreshing air of winter, do some ice fishing or snow mobile riding.

Fishing Opportunity

If you love fishing and being surrounded by nature, then you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to fish on beautiful Poplar Lake. Nestled in a pristine wilderness setting in northern Minnesota, this hidden gem offers an unforgettable fishing experience.

Outdoor Adventures

 Experience the thrill of a lifetime with on a wildlife adventure in Northern MN! Are you tired of mundane vacations that leave you feeling uninspired? Look no further!  The relaxing calm life of nature and wildlife is all around you when you visit our cabins, but your heart will race with delight when you see a moose wandering the resort. 

Moose with her calf

Moose with her calf

Here is a still from those two that came out and "Jumped" in the water right in front of me in my kayak the other day up on Iron Lake (actually, "Little Iron Lake" here). A cute picture of mama encircling little calf for protection!  This was from a group of...

Storm of 2015 from Susan White

Storm of 2015 from Susan White

The first eight were taken in August of 2015.  We were there during that storm that blew down the lake, toppling many of your trees, including the one that crushed you canoes!  Rod White and our Golden Retriever Sophie Sophie swimming Sophie...

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